Bhutan Attractions and its Top 21 Sightseeing Places

To embark on the Bhutan Tour and to capture a trip in its top 21 places for Bhutan sightseeing retains its beauty with the lush green surroundings. With the touch of the Himalayan magnificent skies, its heritages and also its culture which further solidifying the need to embark its places on a Bhutan holiday tour. A trip to Bhutan is in a cheap priced bucket list which is made worthwhile with the best and good holiday tour package to the major various locations of the country from an integral part of the trip to Bhutan.


Bhutan holiday tour offers you to learn and to understand the culture and the live with the heritage. Bhutan attractions and sightseeing is the opportunity to delve into nature and pristine surroundings, the chance to visit the largest sitting Buddha statue in Thimphu along with a visit to all encompassed to the Takin zoo. The government aims to promote conversation as part of its plan to the target Gross National Happiness. As to improve the life of the citizen Bhutan has a number of the progressive environmental policies that have caused the head of the UNFCCC to call it as an inspiration and the role model for the world on how the economic climate changes in the different countries.

Tourists General Climate Across the Places Bhutan

Bhutan is widely considered to be the loveliest time in the month March to May which is spring in Bhutan. Fresh vegetation and fruits trees are at their productive best during spring and they add to the loveliness of the landscapes that lights up with a rainbow of colours in the valley. Spring is the best time to visit Bhutan when it is the time of splendid with Festival occurs. The blue sky remains perpetually, with the clear weather offering a beautiful view of Bhutan’s peaks. During the months in between September to November is autumn in Bhutan and is the most preferred slot for visiting the place. June, July, and August is monsoon which is usually spread and you should just have the planning’s in the months for trekking or hiking. Winter is the good option to visit the western part of Bhutan, and the east-west highways of Bhutan are snow covered in the months that runs through December to Mid-February and the temp dips sharply per altitude.

Bhutan attractions with its divine places for tourists attraction can be widely presented with the nature beauty of the different sightseeing tour and that brings the countries beauty and that can be explained as below.

Must See Presented Bhutan Sightseeing Tour

1. Punakha Dzong Beautiful Dzong in the Country

Punakha Dzong Beautiful Dzong in the Country

A lilac-coloured tree which brings a lush especially in the spring is arguably the most beautiful dzong in the country. It was the second to be built in Bhutan which served as the capital and seat of the government until in the mid-1950s.

2. Trashi Chho Dzong West Bank of the Wang Chhu

Trashi Chho Dzong West Bank of the Wang Chhu

North of the city into the valley, on the west bank of the Wang Chhu the splendid dzong that seems to fit seamless lending into the city both as regal splendour and monastic weight. The city’s biggest annual blush is the colourful tsechu festivities.

3. Paro Dzong Bhutanese Architecture

Paro Dzong Bhutanese Architecture

It ranks as a high point of the Bhutanese architecture and its massive walls that tower the town which is visible throughout the valley. It was at the time was formerly the meeting hall for the National Assembly and now like district government offices which also includes the lower court as well.

4. Trongsa Dzong Spectacularly Sited in Bhutan

Trongsa Dzong Spectacularly Sited in Bhutan

High above the roaring Mangde Chhu, it is perhaps commanding Dzong and spectacularly and sited with that a sheer drop to the south which often disappears into cloud and mist.

5. Taktshang Goemba Buddhist Monastery

Taktshang Goemba Buddhist Monastery

One of the Tigers Nest Monastery of the Himalaya’s most incredible sites, which miraculously perched as on the side of a sheer cliff which is 900m above the floor of the Paro valley.

6. Oldest Buddhists Temple Kyichu Lhakhang

Oldest Buddhists Temple Kyichu Lhakhang

Kyichu Lhakhang is one of the oldest most beautiful temples which are popularly believed to have built in 659 by King Songtsen Gampo of Tibet sightseeing in Bhutan. Temple Elderly Pilgrimage which constantly shuffles around the temple spinning its prayers in many wheels.

7. Jakar Dzong as the Current Structure

Jakar Dzong as the Current Structure

It is the picturesque location which is the current structure location overlooking the Chokhor valley, was built in the year 1667. It is the official name Yuelay Namgyal Dzong which is in the honour of the victory over the troops of Tibetan ruler Phuntsho Namgyal.

8. Changangkha Lhakhang

Changangkha Lhakhang

The popular temple which is perched like a fortress on a ridge above the central Thimphu, hums for the pilgrimage activity which was established in the 12th century on the site which was chosen by Lama Phajo Drukgom Shigpo.

9. Breathtaking Destination Punakha

Breathtaking Destination Punakha

In Bhutan, the breathtaking destination Punakha has been linked to some of the most momentous events in the Bhutanese history and it is the place that deserves its reputation as one of the beautiful and significant regions at the heart of the Bhutanese culture.

10. New Destination Haa Valley

New Destination Haa Valley

It is the place which is a must visit destination sightseeing of Bhutan which is popularly for its virgin beauty of nature. Along with the scenic sights, you will also find in the valley some temples and fortresses around the place of Haa Valley.

11. Gangtey Valley and Phobjikha

Gangtey Valley and Phobjikha

Both the locations are also the most popular and are must be seen places of Bhutan. Gangtey and Phobjikha are both the glacial valleys with a stream of flowering through the open grasslands presenting the most beautiful landscapes in Bhutan.

12. Places for Travellers Mongar and Lhuntse

Places for Travellers Mongar and Lhuntse

Must be seen sites both these places are also the most preferred places in Bhutan by the travellers. Mongar and Lhuntse lie in the eastern Bhutan, and the journey from Bumthang to Mongar is one of the beautiful in the Himalayas crossing 3800 m high.

13. Wangduephodrang Valley

Wangduephodrang Valley

Another popular place in Bhutan is in the last town of the central highway before the central Bhutan which is located in the south of Punakha, which is at the higher reaches of this valley which provide the rich pastureland for cattle.

14. Heartland of Bhutan Bumthang Valley

Heartland of Bhutan Bumthang Valley

The spiritual heartland of Bhutan the Bumthang Valley is full of the most ancient and precious Buddhist sites which are located at an altitude of 2600 meters of the religious hub of the Bhutan houses which are the some of the oldest Buddhist temples.

15. Chief Tourists Attraction Phuentsholing

Chief Tourists Attraction Phuentsholing

A small town with the clean environment which is also another must visit place in Bhutan and it is the chief tourist’s attractions of Phuentsholing are Amo Chuu, the Crocodile Breeding Center, which is the gate at the border called the Bhutan Gate.

16. Gorgeous Valley Paro

Gorgeous Valley Paro

The valley is surrounded by lush green rice fields which are the most foremost must seen place in Bhutan with its beautiful gorgeous valley. It is a historic town with many sacred sites and with that the historical buildings are scattered through the beautiful area.

17. Thimphu Culturally Places

Thimphu Culturally Places

It is one of the most seen places in Bhutan, which is a culturally charming capital city which is nestled in the Himalayas with the beautiful sights of the Chuu Rivers flowing through it and interestingly it is one of the cities in the world with no traffic lights.

18. Gangtey Monastery Largest Monastery

Gangtey Monastery Largest Monastery

One of the largest Monasteries in the Western Bhutan which is perched on top of the hill and at the overlooking stunning Phobjikha Valley, the Monastery of Gangteng Gompa which was built in 1613 by Gyalse Pema Thinlay.

19. Pilgrim’s Valley Trek in Bhutan

Pilgrim’s Valley Trek in Bhutan

It aims to illustrate the essential of the Bhutan’s inherent charms within a program that is not strenuous and are the sacred sites in Paro to Bumkthang journeying across the allegorical shin of Bhutan’s long line of holy figures.

20. Buddhist Institute Tango

Buddhist Institute Tango

It is the institute which was founded by Lama Gyalwa Lhanampa in the 13th century in which the place is renowned for the beautiful monastery set for the nature beauty that is the backdrop of the place. It is an amazing place that sets to go for hike or meditation, in the Buddhist institute that offers the great views of the surrounding valley.

21. National Park Royal Manas

National Park Royal Manas

The national park was entitled as the wildlife sanctuary in 1966 and also became a National Park officially only in the year 1993. It is situated in the Southern part of Bhutan that borders Manas Tiger Reserve, India which is a world heritage site. Most of the trees have medicinal values and religious which are commercially used for the same classes of plants and trees.

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