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About Lava Loleygaon

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A serene misty in the Kalimpong sub division of Darjeeling district. Lava is a Bhutenese word La means the lord and Va means the presence .People believe that the flora and fauna of this region is the blessings of god.Till 1700A.D. the area was part of lepchas kingdom and was subsequently conquered by the Bhutanese situated at an altitude of 2100 metre lava presents landscape comprising the natural broad level forestsLava Loleygaon dominated by the gigantic oaks with patches of coniferous forests , rich fauna comprising a diverse variety of birds ,wild cats,wild boars,Himalayan black deers,deer etc. The tall green shaped trees with droppings branches Dhupi gives an exotic looks to lava. The sky at lava provides a wonderful scope to watch the live demonstration of cloud formation. A refreshing drive up forest clad hills in the mist can be a cherish able experience .Lava also receives spectacular snowfall during mid December to January month. An ideal destination for peaceful retreat lava is an ideal place to get acquainted with the medicinal plants. How to reach By road from Siliguri via Kalimpong 99km or via Gorubathan 105km .By rail nearest major junction New Jalpaiguri . However nearest railway station is New Mal Junction by air nearest airport is Bagdogra about 10 km from Siliguri. At lava vehicles on hire are available for local visit and to other destinations at prefixed rates. Sight Seen.

Places to Visit

Neora Valley National Park

Trekking to Neora valley National park known for its pristine and virgin forests known for its wild fauna population of Red Panda Himalayan Black Beer, Royal Bengal Tiger,Snow Leopard, due to its change in altitude at places various species of birds making perk a paradise of birds watchers.There are more than 106 species of birds which includes Eagle , Tragopan, Thrush, Flycatchers, Cuckoo, Wood owl, Barbet,Woodpeckers,Babblers ,Robin, Jungle Crow , Sunbird, Mynas, and Orioles etc .In 1992 finally it was declared as a National park you may also avail the services of trained nature guides to explore the landscape and its various conservation values specially the medicinal plants which exists in abundant diversity.


A trek of 3 km to tiffindara view point (7700 ft) .You can have a spectacular view of sunrise over Kanchanjunga a range .The panoramic range includes peak of eastern Sikkim, Nathula,Reche-la, Jelep-la etc.

Silence Valley

Many who have visited this place has described it as a miniature enclosed Switzerland. It is a huge pasture surrounded by thick pine trees, a perfect picnic and a camping spot. During the rainy season this little place becomes something like a small lake. According to old locals, this was originally a lake long before.

Lava Jamgyong Kongtrul Monastery

Lava Jamgyong Kongtrul Monastery was set up on a hill in 1987. The monastery is encircled by forests and remains covered with fog throughout the year. Monks residing in this region concentrate upon topics of Buddhist Literature. Initially, this site was offered by the Buddhist society to the 3rd Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche. This was done for the need of local people who requested him to construct a monastery.


Loleygoan is the natures paradise in its own with beautiful landscape comprising lush green forests scene valleys .The peak of Kanchanjunga range rise majestically in the morning mist across the relli valley loleygaon is one hour journey from lava though the serpentine forest road.


Rishyap, also known as Rishop, is a village situated in Darjeeling District, West Bengal. The word Rishyap means 'mountain peak and tree' and it lies at the meeting points of Bhutan, Sikkim and West Bengal. Travellers can enjoy the view of snow covered mountains from the village. The mountain ranges that are visible from Rishyap are Kokthang, Mt. Kharg, Kabroo, Talung, Khang-Chen-D-Zongha, Rathung, Simvo, Narsingh, Siniolchu and Pandim. Tifindara is a perfect spot to have a glimpse of the Himalayas. Lava Jamgyong Kongtrul Monastery and Ngedon Chang-Chen Ling Retreat are other tourist spots around Rishyap. Neora Valley Nature Interpretation Centre lies on the Neora National Park, showcasing the photographs, animals, models and stuffed birds.
Lolegaon is a Lepcha village, situated nearby Lava and from this site travellers can experience the best sights of the Himalayan ranges. Jhandi Dara in Lolegaon is a wooded hilltop from where tourists can enjoy the clear view of both Kanchenjunga as well as Mt. Everest. Pedong is another village that can be visited by travellers who are looking to explore the calm and peace environment. Travellers can also tour Lava village for trekking, climbing and hiking.

Chhangey Waterfall

This spectacular falls is a 14 km drive by jeep and a trek of 1km .destination one should not miss.


Gumbadhara view point about 6 km road and 1 km by narrow uphill trek. Also at Gumbadhara village there√Ęs Buddhist monastery and a graceful statue of Buddha.