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About Pedong/Rishi

Visit Pedong with Utkarsh Travels

Welcome to Pedong, The latest destination in the evergreen and mystical hills of the North East. If you are looking for something new, something different, something authentic then this is the place to be. This is a place with a very beautiful blend of History, culture and nature wherein a traveler can have a true genuine experience. Pedong is located 21 Kilometers from the town of Kalimpong in the well-known district of Darjeeling. PedongSituated at an altitude of 5000ft, the altitudinal variation ranges from the sub tropical at the Rishi Valley to Alpine at the Damsang ridge. The terrain is easily negotiable and provides some of the most breath taking views of the landscape including the Omni present Kanchenjunga in the back drop. In terms of vegetation cover Pedong can claim to be the greenest. The extent of forest cover one can find in the villages of Pedong is nowhere to be seen in other areas. People have conserved forest and have learnt to practice agriculture along with forestry in the best way they can. Walking and trekking through the agricultural fields and village forest provides an exhilarating and rejuvenating experience for the mind and the body. Terrace farming is an art and science brought to a proficiency nowhere seen in the District. The area is also very rich in avifauna and therefore is a must visit for bird watchers. In the recent years there has been considerable increase in bird population both in numbers and species due to increasing forest cover in the villages and the increasing awareness regarding the ecosystem amongst the villagers. Variety of insects and butterflies are also major attractions for scientific community who explore these areas to understand the unique bio diversity of this region. It is interesting to note that the first Roman Catholic Priests who came to the Pedong Parish were ardent naturalist and they collected and documented many of these rare species during their stay in this part of the world.

Places to Visit


This is what we would like to call the pride of Pedong. Ramitey offers the longest view of river Teesta which is the biggest river of Sikkim & Darjeeling. Approximately fourteen turns at a glance, this is by far the best view of the Teesta in this entire region. On a clear day, you can see the Himalayan range as well from here which all the more adds to the beauty of it.

Tinchuley Hill

A lone majestic hill, standing tall amongst others is the Tinchuley hill. It offers one of the best 360 degree views in Pedong but also demands a stiff uphill hike for about 30 minutes to reach the hilltop. And when on top, it is you who suddenly feels majestic, surrounded by the thick pine forests below you and the Himalayan range in front of you. But always do keep the weather in mind. It sometimes plays a spoilsport.

Silence Valley

Many who have visited this place has described it as a miniature enclosed Switzerland. It is a huge pasture surrounded by thick pine trees, a perfect picnic and a camping spot. During the rainy season this little place becomes something like a small lake. According to old locals, this was originally a lake long before.

Damsang Fort

The Damsang fort is the only fort in the entire district of Darjeeling. It was home to the last Lepcha King- Gyabo Achuk as the Lepcha people are the real natives of this place. After the Lepchas this fort came under the Bhutanese who then lost it to the British in the Anglo-Bhutanese war of 1864AD. The fort ever since then has lain in ruins but it still makes for one of the best hikes to go for. Huge fir trees which have six shoots growing together in one and their roots making a jungle staircase is a signature on its own.


Located at one of the best vantage points Rikkisum consists of the ruins of an old British bungalow constructed in 1902 to serve as a halting point for the British travelers when on their way to Tibet in the old days. But because of its vantage point, it provides as a fantastic sunrise points alongside a very long Himalayan range with Mt.Kunchenjunga.