10 safety tips to follow when travelling in a taxi from Bagdogra Airport

After you land at Bagdogra Airport, to get to your destination of choice, taxis are a great option. But when you are yielding your control in someone’s hand, you must stay alert and be extra careful to avoid any sort of hassle once you hire a taxi. 

10 safety tips to help you travel safe and smart by taxi

Here are some safety tips you can follow when you travel by taxi:

Ensure if the taxi is legit and foremost:

When you board the taxi make sure the taxi driver has a proper ID card and driving license. If they cannot display it then do not board that taxi.

Do ask for the taxi fare in advance: 

The taxis near the airport are generally expensive. In order to avoid any hassle with taxi fares, you must always ask for the charges and any tips if applicable. The taxi driver may take advantage otherwise, so you can also bargain.

Keep all denominations of money: 

Starting with INR 5 you must keep all the denominations of money so that the taxi drivers don’t have an option to say that they don’t have a change.

Keep all the emergency contact numbers handy: 

In case you are in trouble and you have to call for help you should always keep those contacts handy including the contact numbers of the local police station.

Note down the vehicle number: 

Always remember to note down the taxi registration number before you board the taxi. Even if you don’t end up in trouble, you may require it in some unexpected ways in the future.

Discuss the waiting time charges in advance: 

If you are a smart traveller, you will always discuss all sorts of charges with the driver in advance including how much they will charge in case you have to make the driver wait for over a longer-than-usual period of time.

Be aware of the driver’s communication over the phone: 

Rather than fidgeting with your smart-phone as soon as you get into the taxi, keep an eye on the driver. In case he is making a conversation over the phone, try to eavesdrop into their conversation without making the driver aware of your alertness.

Do not carry heavy cash with you: 

With the advantage of debit cards and credit cards, it’s always smart to travel with less cash in your wallet. You might be subjected to sudden robbery while traveling in a taxi.

Check if child-lock is installed in the cab you have hired: 

In case a child lock is installed and the driver has a bad motive your life could be at stake. Although it is not easy to check into it, you must be a little tech-savvy for the sake of your safety. 

Avoid wearing too much jewellery while you travel:

If you are a woman and love wearing jewellery then be alert. Even if you are wearing it on the flight, it is best to remove all accessories before getting into a taxi. 

We hope these safety tips help you to enjoy a smooth taxi ride to your desired destination. 

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