Festivals Of Darjeeling

The festivals of Darjeeling are as beautiful and vibrant as the queen of hills. Their festivals reflect tradition, grandeur and culture. Darjeeling tour packages take you to royal tour of the festivals of Darjeeling.


This one may be a series of festivals that commences with feeding crows and culminates with Bhai Tika. Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped on the third day. Fireworks add further splendour to the day. People gamble on today and young girls go door to door, singing Bhaileni.


Also referred to as Ram Navami, Darjeeling sees grand processions on the road with idols of Lord Rama. ChaitaDasai marks the day when good triumphs evil, as per Nepalis. Prayers are offered to Devi Mata and everybody wears rice tika on the forehead. Learn more about the Tihar by taking the Darjeeling tour packages.

Cham Dance

Tibetan Buddhists celebrate the top of January because at the end of the Tibetan Year. And vibrant Cham dances are performed as a neighbourhood of the ritual to bridge over the negativity of the year of going. Chakrasambhara prayer is additionally organised by the Dali Monastery which too around a vibrant Mandala.

Teesta Tea & Tourism Festival

This one takes place within the cold months of November or December. Darjeeling tea needs no formal introduction and this festival allows you to urge a taste of the invigorating Darjeeling tea. Tourists from various parts of the planet are interested in this festival. aside from enjoying the tea, you’ll also enjoy local treats and ride the toy train.

Buddha Jayanti

This festival is another important event in Darjeeling. There are several monasteries in Darjeeling that remember Buddha Jayanti with immense pomp. you’ll encounter colourful processions carrying idols of Buddha and holy books on the streets. Musical troupes increase the festive spirit.


The Tibetan New Year is widely known in February or the start of March with Loshar, a ceremony that goes on for every week. Tibetans cook delectable dishes and wear new clothes as a part of the festivities. Tourists can watch yak dances on the streets too. On the 11th day of the event, Cho Nga Chopa is widely known as a devotional activity among Buddhists.

New Year celebrations

You might be wondering what’s so special about spending your New Year in Darjeeling. Here is what’s special. The Bhutias and Lepchas celebrate the New Year with colourful traditional processions on the streets, and to witness it’s a treat to the eyes, certainly a one-of-a-kind experience. You’ll also visit fairs that are held at this point and luxuriate in some local delicacies like momo and thupka.

Visit Darjeeling and be a part of the varied festivals. Learn more about the Darjeeling tour packages and the best time to travel.

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