Relentless Satisfaction In Darjeeling For Foodies

Darjeeling is a popular hill station for offering mesmerizing landscapes, snow-covered mountains, lush green valleys, colonial architecture, and adventure sports. Every year tourists from different parts of the globe visit this destination to experience something extraordinary and unique. But here, we are going to unfold a new chapter about this small town in eastern India which is known as ‘Queen of Hills’. Darjeeling for foodies offers some of the best restaurants and great food to enjoy during your long-awaited trip.

Foodies can end their search by visiting those places that maintain the ambience and provide tasty cuisines. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with the sightseeing experience to meet your desire. Let’s zoom into some of the popular restaurants in Darjeeling that not only known for their food but also welcome guests with a smile and warm hospitality. Hiring a travel agent in Darjeeling will provide you with affordable tour packages and give information about the restaurants and their special offerings. 

Popular Restaurants in Darjeeling for Foodies



Keveners’s is a group of restaurant and cafe available in the top cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Siliguri, and Guwahati but their branch in Darjeeling for foodies Along with breakfast, you can also enjoy meals over here. Softies, ham fries, salami fries and smoked pork sausage are most common in this restaurant that holds a benchmark for featured in Bollywood film, Barfi starring Ranbir Kapoor. Filmmaker, Anurag Basu shares his experience with this restaurant and appreciates the management for their cooperation during the shoot. Once the renowned filmmaker of India, Satyajit Ray also visited this place during his era. Enjoy your time at Keventer’s to make your Darjeeling trip memorable.

Address: Shop No. 1, Club Side, Nehru Rd, Darjeeling



Your Darjeeling tour will become more lavish and enchanting by visiting Glenary’s which is popularly known as bakery-cafe. Along with pastries, cakes, fruit cakes, muffins, croissant and all, you can also enjoy multi-cuisines on the rooftop. The ambience is so good and decorative, that you will start clicking pictures by enjoying great food in this restaurant. Sandwiches, burgers, rolls, pizzas, and noodles are the special attraction of this prominent landmark of the town. This restaurant is located very near to Chowrasta and can reach by walking. Since the British colonial days, this place is popular among people. You can enjoy the outside view of the building which looks so eye-catching. The basement is facilitated with the Buzz Bar and local bands often perform during weekends. During winter one can enjoy food with a glass of wine by sitting near the fireplace.

Address: Nehru Road near Clock Tower, Chauk Bazaar, Darjeeling

Penang Restaurant for foodies


Since 1972, this restaurant in Darjeeling is known for its tasty traditional cuisines. You can enjoy Nepali and Tibetan cuisines by visiting this restaurant which is located on the left side of Big Bazaar iis a good choice in darjeeling for foodies(Rink Mall). Pork lovers must visit this place to taste the flavour of amazing pork momo, pork curry, pork chilly, pork Chowmein, and so on. Foodies can have Nepali Thali served on a brass plate and filled with the staple food of the country including spicy homemade Achar prepared from the hottest chilly called ‘Dalle’. Keeping the food healthy and hygienic is the speciality of this restaurant where people visited for lunch and dinner. If a travel agent in Darjeeling skips this place, you must visit this restaurant to meet your desires.

Address: 19, Laden la Rd, near Rink Mall, Darjeeling

Lazeez Affaire

lazeez affaire

Darjeeling offers you everything you are looking for and Lazeez Affaire is a great option for vegetarians. Even non-vegetarians can enjoy the quality of food where South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, and Beverages are the key attraction. Both card and cash payments are accepted so that you can fill up your tummy with lots of vegetarian offerings like Malai Kofta, Palak Paneer, Rajma, Mutter Paneer, Kaali Daal, Chole, Aaloo Paratha, Hara Bhara Kabab, and so on. You can also enjoy soups, starters, sizzlers, and snacks in this restaurant that maintain taste and quality at the same time. Travel agent in Darjeeling often recommends this place to vegetarian tourists and helps them with their needs.

Address: 19, Nehru Road, Darjeeling

So, you might find a new reason to visit Darjeeling in this weekend to have some fun, awesome sightseeing experience, plenty of time with nature, and great food that give inner satisfaction. Hire a travel agent in Darjeeling to make your trip more convenient and comfortable along with the chance to visit some of the finest restaurants.

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