Tips to Remember for Safe Paragliding Experience

Jumping off a high altitude site and flying like a bird is a dream to many but few do possess the courage to experience this adrenaline-pumping airborne sport which is popularly known to the mass as Paragliding. Paragliding requires not only an utmost desire to experience a bird-like flight it also needs experience if you are flying solo. Blessed with the offerings from the recently customized tour packages, now paragliding has been a popular activity with tandem paragliding (designed to carry a pilot along with a passenger) in vogue. We have come up with a handful of safety tips to remember for a safe paragliding experience

Safe Paragliding

Even if you are flying with a pilot there are certain precautions to be kept in mind as it’s your life which is at stake.

Do A Research On The Company Profile

With a plethora of tour operators offering paragliding along with a pilot, it’s easy to be baffled as to which company to choose. Find out their track records along with cases of accidents during flying (if any). Tour friends or acquaintances with prior knowledge of paragliding can be extremely reliable in this matter.

Check Flying Equipments

 There is no harm to go for a reality check of the types of equipment which is going to give you the thrill of a lifetime. Starting with the canopy, the harness, canopy lines, carabiners, reserve parachute- everything should be checked. Malfunctioning of any of the equipment may result in an unprecedented outcome.

Glide In A Suitable Weather Condition

A sunny day with winds blowing in mild speed is an ideal weather condition for a perfect paragliding experience. Wind speed beyond 35 km per hour is considered extremely unfavorable. Remember, many pilots take the risk of flying in bad weather for their personal gains. Don’t fall into the traps.

Go For Experienced Pilots

Flying with a pilot who is inexperienced and easily shrugs off any precautions to remain safe is risky. Some of the pilots may not have a proper license. In a hurry or out of the excitement to fly you may often not bother about these significant things.

Stay Safe With Safety Measures

Does the company you planned your dream fly with possessing some safety measures?

Paragliding gives you the ultimate thrill that you were looking for and you are born to experience what your heart longs for but you must not be oblivious of the fact that you are putting your life at risk, after all. Requisite safety measures, a rescue team in case of an accident are the things to look for before you book an adventure for yourself.

Above all, you must be very cautious when a thrill involves your life. Happy and safe Paragliding!

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