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Dooars Tour Packages from NJP

If you are a wildlife lover then, you must have heard about Dooars. Have you been to Dooars? If not then you must surely visit during your holiday. It is a destination that any nature lover would love. The brilliance of wildlife beauty, rivers, and favorable climate and tourist facilities makes Dooars one of the most popular destinations for tourists.

We, Utkarsh Travels provide you with the best opportunity to explore this serene region with the sensational benefit of Dooars tour package price from NJP. Along with the inclusions of fantastic service, we assure you to give a memorable experience at Dooars.

Jungle Safari and Elephant Ride at Dooars

Dooars Tour Packages

Dooars is regarded as one of the best destinations in the country to enjoy the amazing jungle safari and elephant ride. Jeep safari and elephant ride can be experienced at Gorumara, Champramri, Chilpata forest and Medla Watch Tower at Dooars. The elephant safari at Jaldapara National Park and jeep safari at Gorumara National Park is famous among the visitors at Dooars.

Best time to visit Dooars

We are available to take you to Dooars at any season. However, you should avoid the time when the jungle safari remains close. Jungle safari at many places of Dooars remains close from 15th June to 15th September every year so, try to avoid this period. If you want to enjoy all the wild fun of Dooars with good weather then, the best time is from the month of October to April.

Tour Operator For Dooars

We are a tour operating company from Siliguri with the offerings of best Dooars tour package price from NJP for your best holiday experience. Our service starts with a car rental service, with the help of which you can easily reach to Dooars from NJP. We will also recommend the best luxurious hotel for comfortable staying experience at Dooars. We will provide the best guidance to explore the Dooars region and help you to cover the main local sightseeing places.

Local Sightseeing Places Of Dooars

Places like Samsing, Suntalekhola, Jhalong, Paren, Bindu, Khayerbari, Rajabhatkhawa, Jayanti, Choto Mahakal, Holong, Pukuri Lake, Buxa Fort etc are the main sightseeing places at Dooars.

Tourism in Dooars

Dooars Tour Packages

Dooars is immensely filled with the richness of national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, rivers, sightseeing places and soothing weather. This feature of Dooars attracts a large number of visitors every year. Jalpadpara National Park, Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, Buxa Tiger Reserve, and Gorumara National Park are the main places to witness the wild beauty of Dooars region. Places like Murti, Samsing, Rocky Island, Jhalong, Bindu, Suntalekhola and Paren are the beautiful local sightseeing places of Dooars. Hotels and resorts facilities add more fun during the holiday. Many resorts in Dooars are located near the natural environment which gives an elegant staying experience to the visitors.

With the inclusions of all the services and tour facilities, you would not want to miss anything with the advantage from Dooars tour package price from NJP. The adventure of Dooars starts from NJP, once you reach New Jalpaiguri Railway Station, we will guide you towards your delightful journey of Dooars.

How to reach Dooars


The nearest airport to Dooars is Bagdogra International Airport and from there you need to travel by car.


The nearest railway station is Madarihat for all the passenger trains and Jaldapara is near to this railway station. The express train stops at Hasimara Railway Station which is 20 km away from the sanctuary.


The best way to reach Dooars is through the roadway. It is the easiest mode of transport as many areas of this region are connected with NH31 highway. Bus facilities and car rental are the most used transport service to reach the Dooars region.

Dooars Tour Itinerary

Customize tour packages will be provided to you by us as per your choice. All the packages will include sightseeing tour, provision of hotel and resort, transport service and jungle safari. In order to know more about the Dooars tour package price from NJP, see the following tour plans mentioned with days.

Jaldapara Tour Plan For 2 Nights/3 Days

  • Day : 1

    Arrive at NJP and from there we will be assisting you towards Jaldapara National Park where you will enjoy jungle safari.

  • Day : 2

    At morning travel towards Hollong and enjoy a thrilling elephant ride. After this drive towards, Phuentsholing and enjoy the local sightseeing tour of the famous town of Bhutan. At evening return back and stay overnight at Jaldapara.

  • Day : 3

    Have your breakfast in the morning and transfer back to NJP

Jaldapara-Lataguri Tour Plans For 3 Nights/4 Days

  • Day : 1

    After your arrival at NJP our representative will guide you towards Jaldapara National Park.

  • Day : 2

    At morning travel to Hollong for an amazing elephant ride. After this return back to your resort for breakfast and then drive towards Lataguri for jungle safari at Gorumara National Park. Stay overnight at Lataguri.

  • Day : 3

    Enjoy your breakfast and travel to Jhalong for sightseeing tour. While returning back from Jhalong visit Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary. Return back to Latagauri at the night and stay overnight at hotel/resort.

  • Day : 4

    After the breakfast transfer back to NJP.

Lataguri Tour For 2 Nights/3 Days

  • Day : 1

    We will receive you at NJP and from there you will transfer you to Lataguri. Check-in at the hotel and stay overnight at Lataguri.

  • Day : 2

    In the morning after breakfast you will be going for an excursion to Jhalong/Bindu/Chapramari. At the evening around 4 pm, jungle safari at Gorumara National Park will be arranged. Evening campfire and tribal dance will be also be arranged at the resort.

  • Day : 3

    After the breakfast you will be transferred back to NJP.

Main Tourist Attraction Places Of Dooars

Dooars Tour Packages

Several attractive places can be explored by with the benefits of Dooars tour package price from NJP. The national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and rivers glorify and highlight the splendid richness of Dooars natural beauty. Following are the main attractions of Dooars which makes the holiday experience wonderful.

  • Gorumara National Park Jatraprasad Watch Tower
  • Gorumara National Park Medla Watch Tower
  • Gorumara National Park Jaldapara National Park
  • Gorumara National Park Samsing
  • Gorumara National Park Suntalekhola
  • Gorumara National Park Jhalong
  • Gorumara National Park Jayanti
  • Gorumara National Park Buxa Tiger Reserve
  • Gorumara National Park Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Gorumara National Park Gorumara National Park

Frequently Asked Questions about Dooars Tour Package From NJP

Q. How many tea gardens are present in Dooars?

A. At present, there are a total of 324 tea gardens in Dooars.

Q. What is the best time to visit Dooars?

A. The best time to visit Dooars is from the month of October to April.

Q. How do you plan a Dooars tour?

A. The best way to plan the Dooars tour is to take the option of the tour operating company.

Q. How can I go to Dooars from Kolkata?

A. Travel by train from Kolkata and reach to NJP. From there hire a cab towards Dooars.

Q. What is famous in Dooars?

A. Dooars is known as the gateway to Bhutan. It is famous for tea gardens, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and rivers.

Q. How far is Dooars from Darjeeling?

A. Dooars is about 96 km far from Darjeeling.

Q. How far is Dooars from Siliguri?

A. Dooars is about 69 km far from Darjeeling.

Q. Which river flows in Jaldapara?

A.Torsha River flows from the rain forest Jaldapara National Park.

Q. How do you visit Dooars?

A. By choosing the best holiday time along with the support of tour and travel agency, Dooars can be visited.

Q. Why is Jaldapara famous?

A. Jaldapara is famous because of Jaldapara National Park which is one of their main tourist attracting places in Dooars.

Q. Where is the place Dooars?

A. Dooars is located at the foothills of the eastern Himalayas in North-East India around Bhutan.

Q. How do I get to the Dooars by train?

A. If you want to travel at Dooars via train then, you need to reach Madarihat which is the nearest railway station to Dooars.

Q. What is DUAR formation?

A. The formation of Shivaliks the mountains and Duars the flood plains are known as DUAR formation.

Q. Which is the smallest national park of India?

A. South Button National Park in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is the smallest national park of India.

Q. Which is the biggest national park of West Bengal?

A. Singalila National Park, Darjeeling is the biggest national park of West Bengal.

Q. How many tigers are there in Manas National Park?

There are 30 tigers in Manas National Park.

Q. How do I get to Murti from New Mal Junction?

A. You can drive for approximately 2h 3m to get to Murti from New Mal Junction.

Q. Why Dooars is named so?

A. The name of the region Dooars came from the word 'duar' meaning door in local language as the region has 18 passages connecting India and Bhutan.

Q. What does Chos mean in geography?

A. It is seen in plain where their beds are broad, braided, shallow and sandy.

Q. Which river flows between Terai and Dooars?

A. Teesta River flows between Terai and Dooars.

Q. What are Duars Chos and Terai?

A. The floodplains & foothills of the eastern Himalayas in North-East India around Bhutan are known as Duars. Terai are the belts of marshy land located at the foot of the Himalayas in North India.

Q. Which is the biggest biosphere reserve in India?

A. Gulf of Mannar is the biggest biosphere in India.

Q. What is a reserved forest?

A. The protected forests with a large number of natural habitat are known as reserve forests.

Q. What is floating national park?

A. The national park which floats on the lake is called floating national park. Keibul Lamjao National Park is the only floating national park in the world.

Q. Where should I stay in Dooars?

A. You can find many luxurious hotels and resorts at Dooars where you can stay with full comfort.

Q. What is there to see in Dooars?

A. There are national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and rivers to see in Dooars.